KNOW your instrument!

piano tradition 4th generation from Liszt

one to one teaching


community with music

practising instrument directly in your hotel rooms!

wonders of nature in summer as well as in winter-time

sleep and practise in the castle


your fingers after the class

intensive week-end with piano

(PianoMusicdocs) master-classes

master-classes for DOCS (MDs, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists + guests) done by president and concert pianist Wolfgang Ellenberger (concert pianist and MD). Live and practise and get teaching in the castle of Sumiswald in the famous SWISS Emmental.
We visit the big piano store Krompholz in the Swiss capital city of Bern (35 km). See more about the PIANO-CODE.

piano class for Docs – CH06 Thursday 09th May 2024 (beginning 18:00 hrs) – Sunday 12th May 2024 (until 16:00 hrs) Sleep and practise in the historic castle of Sumiswald in the famous Swiss Emmental. Some participants even get a practising instrument at their h...
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piano class for Docs – CH05 Thursday 09th November 2023 (beginning 18:00 hrs) – Sunday 12th November 2023 (until 16:00 hrs) Sleep and practise in the historic castle of Sumiswald in the famous Swiss Emmental. Some participants even get a practising instrument ...
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piano class for Docs – CH04 Thursday 18th May 2023 (beginning 18:00 hrs) – Sunday 21st MAy 2023 (until 16:00 hrs) Sleep and practise in the historic castle of Sumiswald (or in local Hotels) in the famous Swiss Emmental. Some participants even get a practising ...
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Teaching in any thinkable form!

18th thru 21st May, 2023 CH04
1 to 1
Skype – Zoom – Videolesson
18th thru 21st May, 2023 CH04

18th thru 21st May, 2023 CH04

piano class for Docs – CH04

Thursday 18th May 2023 (beginning 18:00 hrs) – Sunday 21st MAy 2023 (until 16:00 hrs)

Sleep and practise in the historic castle of Sumiswald (or in local Hotels) in the famous Swiss Emmental. Some participants even get a practising instrument at their hotel room! Where do you get that?


In this castle is the headquarters of the association which is organising this event.

The lessons are then given in the castle. To get a sleeping room inside the same castle we recommend to book there immediately after booking the class: if already booked out, go to Gasthof Bären or DLZ – Dienstleistungszentrum Sumiswald. Or you park on the castle parking with your mobile home for free.

All participants get three teaching units of 45 minutes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (on Sunday possibly only 30 minutes according to booking situation).

Thursday evening we meet and share our dedication to the piano and play to each other some pieces. ON Sunday afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00 hrs we have a little final recital which will possibly be transmitted by livestream so that all your friends at home can watch us online.

On Friday evening at 19:00 hrs (according to number of participants earlier) we get an exclusive tour through the big piano store and we can buy out all of the pianos there – LOL!

In your free time you have occasion to visit the touristic attractions in the famous Emmental (show production of cheese etc.) and of the UNESCO world heritage old city of Bern with all of its attractions.

Please book with this portal:

Our successful time structure:

Thursday18:00 – open-endwarm-up and know each other in the castle
Friday 08:00 – 19:15 hrsteaching and practising in the castle (+ touristics!)
This time frame means 12 lessons of 45 minutes with breaks for the teacher
Parallel practising in the castle
19:30 – open-endApero and exclusive tour @ Krompholz (according to participant number earlier at 17:00 hrs)
Saturday08:00 – 21:00teaching + practising in the castle (+ touristics!)
Sunday07:00 – 13:00 teaching + practising in the castle (+ touristics!)
14:00 – 16:00Final recital in cafeteria of castle possibly with LIVESTREAM
(click on menu point LIVESTREAM above!)



Live and practise in the castle on an instrument of us or of your own!

More than just one lesson per week – just Intensive!

A real “clausura” – totally focussed!

People with addictions as nicotine or alcohol abuse will be excluded before entry,
it is an elite training which exceeds the level of music academies.
The addiction potential in everybody will be transformed into output.

Contact Wolfgang Ellenberger, to be informed and present yourself by e-mail!


1 to 1

1 to 1

1:1 piano lesson as single date @ Schloss Sumiswald

Please mail your date request (Friday thru Sunday) to
Wolfgang [AT]

or call +41 76 784 43 22
to make a date.

Skype – Zoom – Videolesson

Skype – Zoom – Videolesson

A piano lesson via Skype or Zoom or other video-software: Book and then mail to Wolfgang [AT] with your date proposal (Friday thru Sunday)

Nach Bezahlen Termin per Mail anfragen!

Die innovative Klavier-Lern-Software von Helene Hiner!

teaching my 2-year-old daughter (she could not even say MAMA yet!)


The post image shows Roland and Manuala Kellenberger The Kellenberger music store in Bern gives us a welcome. We can try the instruments especially the new Kayserburg grand piano 180 cm, ideal for chamber music and piano students.
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the owner of Musikhaus Krompholz, Alexander Steinegger, receives the piano master-class participants exclusively on Friday evening of the week-end with an Apero. Then all instruments can be played – and bought….. Have a look at his website: In...
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in the famous Swiss Emmental founded 1190 as Deutschordensschloss – History (DE) several practises of health care and wellness in-house touristical attractions in the Emmental Historical main city of Emmental Hiking / Skiing Show Dairies “Top-o...
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…. of the wonderful experiences of former classes


The Video-Channel of the PianoMusicDocs:

Dr. Tony Cicoria plays his lightning-sonata which he was inspired after being struck by lightning in the Mozart House Vienna/Austria at our final recital after a master-class (> 400.000 clicks!):

be informed

our logo:

Yin-Yang symbolizing work-life-balance

Doctors gown with Stethoscope for work
tails in black for the extra-medical activities


                after a Psychiatry-Congress-performance: Portrait (no master-classes yet)

1991-03-01 maritim-Journal Ankündigung 1. Ärzte-Klavierkurs



1991-05-30 Deutsches Ärzteblatt: Anzeige Klavierkurs  

1991-06-07 Fuldaer Zeitung: Bericht über 1. Ärzte-Klavierkurs

1991-10-01 Ärztezeitung: Bericht über Ellenberger

1992-01-01 Therapie der Gegenwart: Bericht über Ärzteklavierkurse


1992-01-11 Ärztliche Praxis: Klavierkurs für Ärzte


1992-07-17 Medical Tribune: Heute macht ihm sein Leben Spaß (Portrait)

1993-01-01 Philipp-Journal: Zahnärzte und Ärzte am Klavier


1995-05-18 PZ – Pharmazeutische Zeitung: Arzt und Apotheker: Eine musikalische Annäherung

1999-01-22 DÄ – Deutsches Ärzteblatt: Anzeige Klavierkurse

1999-02-03 Ärztezeitung: Ein neuer Meetingpoint für Ärzte, die nach Herzenslust Klavier üben wollen

                Meanwhile this “hobby-Web” for Docs is said to be the biggest collection about extra-medical activities of docs.:


                With the same biggest US Doctors Orchestra there was the performance at the UN in Genevra in 2011 which is the starting video of the channel

2007-08-01 Der Allgemeinarzt: Aus der Praxis an die Partitur

2008-12-01 WORLD MEDICAL JOURNAL: New Doctors Orchestra plans to produce “The Magic Flute” in 2010

2010-07-09 DÄ Deutsches Ärzteblatt: report about Doctors’ Magic Flute production which is now available for FREE online:

2011-12-01 Bösendorfer-Zeitschrift (weltweit): PianoMusicDocs – Bösendorfer Klavierkurse für Ärzte

2012-04-23 Ärztezeitung: Musik oder Medizin? Die Wahl fällt schwer – über die Boesendorfer-PianoMusicDocs

2013-01-22 Ärztezeitung: Eine alte Liebe: Die Wechselwirkung von Medizin und Musik

2013-04-24 Schweizerische Ärztezeitung: Wien, Wien, nur du allein

2013-03-14 Medical Tribune CH: Musik und Medizin: Spagat zwischen den Welten



2021-09-01 BRD: der niedergelassenearzt

2021-09-01 BRD: wirtschaftsmagazin für die hautarztpraxis

2021-09-29 Schweizerische Ärztezeitung 2021/39

The films about the Vienna and London classes are available on
The London master-class was @ the Bluthner Store in Baker Street: Christian Blüthner seems to be the only MD handling a piano factory.