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piano tradition 4th generation from Liszt
one to one teaching
community with music
practising instrument directly in your hotel rooms!
wonders of nature in summer as well as in winter-time
sleep and practise in the castle
your fingers after the class
intensive week-end with piano

(PianoMusicdocs) master-classes

master-classes for DOCS (MDs, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists + guests) done by president and concert pianist Wolfgang Ellenberger (concert pianist and MD). Live and practise and get teaching in the castle of Sumiswald in the famous SWISS Emmental.
We visit the big piano store Krompholz in the Swiss capital city of Bern (35 km). See more about the PIANO-CODE.



The Video-Channel of the PianoMusicDocs:

Dr. Tony Cicoria plays his lightning-sonata which he was inspired after being struck by lightning in the Mozart House Vienna/Austria at our final recital after a master-class (> 400.000 clicks!):

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Yin-Yang symbolizing work-life-balance

Doctors gown with Stethoscope for work
tails in black for the extra-medical activities


…. of the wonderful experiences of former classes.
Here the old pages about the classes in Vienna with Bösendorfer